Frank Body – Throw shimmer – not shade


Have you ever found a highlighter that you absolutely fall in love with and think, “I wish I could bathe in this?” Frank Body knows the feeling. Its new Shimmer Scrub, which debuts May 1, makes that thought a reality.

Frank body  started out with the classic Coffee Scrub and slowly transformed into a whole line of coffee-infused skincare. Now they’re taking their all-natural, paraben and silicone free product and making it even better.

Shimmer Scrub takes everything you love about their Coffee Scrub and adds even more shine. The secret ingredient is glow dust, which, according to the brand, exfoliates, moisturizes, and adds shine. The original product does the first two, but not the last. The mica powder inside the scrub will leave you glowing even after you rinse it off.

It’s a really cool concept that’s perfect as warmer weather approaches. Take a look at the images from the campaign and learn how it works.

Source Bustle