www.shush-mush.comMorgan (dress and jacket), Zara (shoes), Silvian Heach (bag), Tom Ford (sunglasses)

Plan your next escape from the city. This is at least what we did a couple of weeks ago, and it did us so well. A new surrounding can do wonders to your mind and it does not even have to be a new city. There are so many beautiful places you have not visited within your own “yard”. We are exited about summer and all the pretty mountains and sea’s we are going to visit. But we will be visiting Split, Croatia one more time for sure too. Have a lovely weekend, leave the city behind if you can, and plan a day in the nature. We would highly recommend it.


Planirajte bijeg iz grada. To je upravo ono što smo mi učinili prije par sedmica i napunili baterije. Nevjerovatno koliko samo mala promjena okruženja može učiniti za um i tijelo. Mi vam moramo priznati da s nestrpljenjem isčekujemo ljeto i odlazak na more. Naša oaza će ponovno biti Split. A do tada, mi vam dragi naši želimo da napustite gradsku vrevu i provedete ugodan vikend u prirodi.