Lejla On Our Mind
Krojačka radnja SANS (handmade skirt, design by Lejla Graho)

Summer is here, although the past few days resembled more autumn than summer. However, here and there we find a hot summer day, and are lucky enough to have our camera at hand. The skirt Lejla is wearing is handmade, she picked the fabric and design, and Sabina Kovac made her this beauty. Handcrafting your own clothing is not for everyone, we however enjoy the process, from picking the fabric, to thinking of a suitable design, to trying on the finished product. And it is not just about having something no one has, it is more about taking time to think about the clothing we are wearing, our own body and what would suit it most, and the craftsmanship that is needed to produce the good. Et voila, a wonderful summer skirt is created which can be styled up or down depending on the occasion.

Have a lovely start of the week and be sure to check out our “surprise fashion week” that is starting on the blog tomorrow.